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This is a quick help to learn about the best bootlegs labels. To buy better releases or improve your collection.
Crystal Cat
This label really kicks ass, amazing audience recording.
Super artworks and booklets. Crystal Cat ROCKS!!

Some titles available in this site: Sweet Home Chicago, Sweet Home New York City, Sweet Home Stockholm
Dandelion Records
One of the best new labels of these years, very good recording, nice & full color booklets.
Also some limited editions with classic stuff from older labels.... just amazing!!

Some titles available in this site: Gold 'N Glory, The Best Of Amsterdam Arena 1998, Kiss Of Life, North To South
Dirty Work Production
New amazing European label, lots of stuff never released before, nice audience recordings and great artworks... keep your eye on this new Stones label!!

Some titles available in this site: Allright Charlie Watts, Bienvenues Les Visiteurs , Electrical Discharge
Midnight Beat
Another missing and excellent label, very great stuff, beautiful artworks design and excellent sound quality.
Many releases with box set and amazing booklets.

Some titles available in this site: The Satanic Sessions Vol 1, Voodoo Lounge Holland 1995, Static On The Attic, The Best Of Knebwoth Fair 1976
Outsider Bird
One of the hardest labels to get and most expensive, many limited editions
and many titles only available in LPs.
They released some exclusive stuff, but sometimes in poor sound

Some titles available in this site: Unknow Dreams (K. Richards)
Rabbit Records a.k.a. RR
Nice new label, lots of Stones stuff, poor artworks design, very good sound quality, studio stuff never released before in CD.
It's not an amazing label, but it still is good.

Some titles available in this site: The Famous Blues Session (M. Jagger), All Mixed Up, Paris 98, Poland 1998, The Complete Wembley Performances, Place Pigalle 5 & 6
Stones Of Fire
Expensive Japanese label, no booklet and Cd insert poor, on the back they say: "Pressed on silver disc.
Beware of imitations on cheap CD-R". Great stuff and nice

Some titles available in this site: Never End, Shake Satates!, You Better Get It
The Swinging Pig
This is one of the best oldest labels, fantastic editions with excellent re-masters from analog tapes, almost re-mastered with the famous
NO-NOISE system, and the new ones re-mastered with 20 bits system.
Also have beautiful box sets and nice artworks, always care the quality
for the stone fan, i.e. a bootleg label made from a fan to the fans...groovy. All of them released in CDs & LPs.

Some titles available in this site: Get Your Leeds Laugh Out-Revisited, Bright Light, Big City, Handsome Girls, Hampton '81, Atlantic City '89
This American label releases the most amazing and cool bootlegs CD... I talking about the Voodoo Lounge outtakes including 3 beautiful releases, with very great books, cool info, and awesome quality sound...just perfect!!

Some titles available in this site: Live in Frankfurt 1976, Voodoo Brew, Voodoo Stew, Voodoo Residue
Vinyl Gang Products
Very expensive Japanese label, tey release more than 200 Stones titles, fantastic stuff, amazing artwork paper, no booklet and some times sound quality is quite poor.
Now some titles are very hard to get... and If you find It,well.... leave your head to pay the price!!

Some titles available in this site: Can You Hear The Mobile, Luxury In Boston, Steel Wheels Tokyo 1990, Back To The Garden, Welcome To Washington
Word Productions of Compact Music
Italian older label, maybe one of the first ones in Europe, poor artwork
Design, good stuff, and many times with manufacture defects, hiss or

Some titles available in this site: The Decca Years Vol. 1, Get Your Kicks, Midnight Rambler

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